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                                                                       First Light  NP-127







                                                                                                    " NEW "

                                               Televue NP-127 5 " PARALLAX RINGS LOSMANDY DUP ON TOP

                                                           LOSMANDY MALE TO MALE DOVETAIL ON BOTTOM

                                                                                      MAIN IMAGING SETUP

                                              TELEVUE NP-127 WITH TELEVUE NP-101 RIDING PIGGYBACK :)  
                                                  ST8XE CFW10 WITH STV DELUXE AND 2 ROBOFOCUSERS
                                                AP 1200   4 INCH LOSMANDY AND 5 INCH PARALLAX RINGS
                                                                           LOSMANDY DOVETAIL PLATES
                                                                     KENDRICK DEW REMOVER SYSTEM