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                                        Telescopes / CCD Cameras / ETC






                                          12 "  LX 200 GPS UHTC  3048 MM  F.10

                                            8 " LX 200  GPS UHTC  2000 MM  F.10

                     " New "  Megrez II  500 MM F 6.5   Guide Scope For STV Deluxe

                                                                Televue TV 76 APO 480 MM F 6.3

                                              New Televue  NP-101 Flat Field APO  540 MM F 5.4

                                           New Televue NP-127 Flat Field APO 660 MM F 5.2

                                                                      MY NEW  MOUNT   

                                                        THE   HOLY GRAIL  AFTER  A  2 1/2  YEAR WAIT :)

                                                   Astro-Physics   AP 1200    Mount

                                            Two Meade  LX200 GPS Go To Mounts


                               2    ASTRO PIERS  BY  LE SUEUR MANUFACTURING

                                                                 CCD Cameras

                                If The Picture matters, Then The Camera Truly Matters !!!

                             SBIG ST8XE With CFW10  And     STV-Deluxe  With E-Finder

                                                              Digital Cameras

                                              Casio QV-3000EX Digital Camera
                                      Cannon Elura 60 Digital Video Camcorder

                                                            35 MM  SLR Camera

                                         Nikon FM 10       And       Cannon Elan II E

                                                    Denkmeier  Bino Viewer

                                                                      2X Module

                                  Televue Accessories  " Kick Ass "
                                TWO     2" Televue Everbrite Dialectric Diagonals
                                  TeleVue 0.8X Reducer / Flattener For TV NP-101
                                        TeleVue 0.8X Reducer / Flattener For TV 76
                                                  Televue StarBeam With Flip Mirror

                                                 2 X  TeleVue   Power Mate

                                                     TWO Televue 20 MM Plosil's

                                                   Baader Solar Filter for TV NP-101                



                                                            Meade's Super Plossls
                                      6.4  9.7  12.4  15  20  26  32  40 MM "  2 Full Sets "

                                              Meade Ultra  Wide Angle  " Kicks Ass "
                                                           8.8 MM Ultra Wide Angle
                                                         Meade Super Wide Angle  
                                                     40 MM Super Wide Angle Lens

                                                             Meade Accessories
                                                         2" Meade UHTC Diagonals

                                                               Meade 1 1/4    Diagonal
                                                    Meade 12MM  Illuminated Reticle

                                                                     Meade  2xBarlow

                                                                         Meade 6.3 Focal Reducer

                                                                         Meade 3.3 Focal Reducer

                                                                             Meade Super Wedge

                                                                        Meade Giant  Field Tripod


                             Complet Set Of Don Goldman E Series LRGB Filters

                                                    With  HA  0III &  SII Filters  

                                              Custom Scientific 1 1/4  HA 4.5 NM  Filter
                                                                Televue  2" Nebustar  UHC Filter

                                               Meade # 908 0 III  1 1/4    Nebula Filter


                                                   JMI NGF-S Focuser     2 Robo Focusers
                                               And 3 Meade  Zero Image Shift Focusers

                                                          MaximDL 3.9
                                                                                          CD Sharp
                                                                                          CCD Soft
                                                                                          PhotoShop 7.0            
                                                                                          Focus Max
                                                                                          Pulse Guide

                                              Dell Inspiron 7000    And  2 HP 968 C's

                                                          Kendrick Products

                                   Two  Complete Dew Remover Systems
                                                        Observatory Tent
                                                             Shelter Dome


        Pyramid   PS 46 KX 12 to 15 Volts  DC Constant 40 Amp Power Supply  

                                                     12 Amp With Inverter Battery Power Supply Jump Start

                                              6  Aluminum Cases With Tear Out Foam For Cameras, Ep,  Etc

                                                              8" And 12" Alluminum AstroZap Dew Shield

                                                               2" New Generation William-Optics Diagonal
                                       Losmandy Dovetails And Weights For 12 " GPS 8"  GPS And AP 1200

                                                        Losmandy DR 108 And  DR 125 Rings

                                                                                       4" Parallax Rings

                                                                                       5" Parallax Rings

                                            A special Note On Astro-Physics  Products !

                    "I love A-P stuff and consider using it to be as close as I'll ever get to heaven.

                         Furthermore, I have never had anything but thoroughly pleasant interactions with the
                      A-P staff, from Roland and Marj through Alice, Christine,  and everyone else I've talked to.
                            If you want  the best refractors  and  mounts on our planet, then get on the list as
                                                                fast as you can !!  You will never regret it.

                                                                                     C lear Skies  Jeff :)