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                                                          The Crew
                              From Left :  Joe Petrick  Larry Boros Myself and our trusty foreman  Marty Niemi


                                                                 Digging the post holes

                                                             ElPresidente hard at work


                                                         Joe and Larry mixing concrete

                                                            Post holes cemented in


                                                           The pier ready for concrete


                                                                     The Pier filled


                                                Jim Wolford showing the logs who is boss


                                                          Our trusty foreman Marty


                                                              The dome taking shape


                                                         Steve Marty and me


                                                  Joe setting the contacts for the shutter


                                                        In the warm room with the dome


                                        Joe and Marty with Larry getting height for pier


                                                           I    Can't contain myself :)


                                         Joe making sure everything is correct


                                                                 Marty caulking away


                                                        Time to enjoy the fruits of labor


                                                              The End Result